Bastian: A Secret Baby Romance

He wanted my body. I wanted his baby.

When my father died after a horrific car crash, my mother remarried a filthy rich billionaire by the name of Donald Witherspoon. 

Little did I know that this union would come along with a hot-as-hell stepbrother that would become the bane of my existence. He constantly walks around the Witherspoon estate with no shirt on, showing off his washboard abs and well-defined muscles. It’s all a game to torment me, you see. 

He knows that I want him. After all, why else would he bring girls home night after night so that I can hear them scream his name? 

I knew that if I was to make him mine, I’d have to give him something very special…something that would make him mine…forever. 

**Bastian is a standalone novella with an HEA.

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