Stepbrother Alpha’s Baby

I’ve always had a crush on my ridiculously handsome stepbrother Stefan. Since we were little, he’s always been there, at my side. We’ve played together, laughed together and even cried together. But it was when we got older, and I started noticing boys that our relationship really turned weird. 

Anytime he was near, I found myself filled with sinful thoughts, and when he touched me, it felt like I would burst into flames. Soon, just being in his presence became too much to bear. I started avoiding him at all costs, and when I did encounter Stefan, I would act like a cold-hearted bitch to him so he would never suspect my true feelings. 

But sometimes, the things you hide have a way of coming to light…when you least expect them.

I absolutely loved this book by Ms.Landish and can’t wait to read more. It was good from the very beginning.
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Just wow, I’m wondering how this is going to play out since he wore a condom, unless it broke, can we say jinkies!!
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