Stepbrother Bad Boy’s Baby

“That one word. It told me everything. If I gave in to my inner devil, I could destroy her. I could destroy her mother Sandra, I could destroy the man who was my father. Vengeance could be mine.”

My stepbrother-to-be, Julian, is total d*ck. An arrogant a**hole. A c*cky bastard. A bad boy.

I can hardly tolerate his presence. Yet, I keep finding myself thinking about his bad boy smile, chiseled jawline and washboard abs that God himself must’ve carved out on his stomach.

Still, he’s got a reputation with women, and I’m sure he wants to make me his next conquest since I don’t put up with his shit and he seems to love a challenge. But it’s not happening. No way, no how.

But when he ends up staying in my guest bedroom, my mind is filled with thoughts I just can’t push away, and if I’m not careful, I might just give in to his seductive smile.

***This is the first installment to my new novella length series.

• Available: 14th July 2015



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